A Profusion of Print!

Update Your Look

Spring 2017 fashion collections

Without much combing through the spring 2017 fashion collections, it’s crystal clear that prints have never been so dynamic and ubiquitous. The print trend is happening everywhere as a happy reminder that summer is just around the corner. And is all about enjoying the great outdoors whether it be out and about shopping or trips to the coast. Conquista solutions to wearing these pretty prints are just awesome whether we look to the figure flattering wrap dress or the classic simplicity of the print shift.

Geometric prints

If there is one summer 2017 print trend that can pack quite a punch, it is definitely geometric prints. An unusual zigzag design in the perfect colour combo of pink and green is a key Conquista theme this season. For an understated look, keep it simple and pair the print pencil with a pretty pink top. Or, for those braver souls among us, throw caution to the wind in head to toe prints in a zigzag design crop top and pants.

Explore dramatic designs in exquisite print in array of emerald green hues. A relaxed shirt dress is ideal for those off-duty days. While the allure of the wrap and waist detail dresses evoke a more flirtatious vibe.

All-over prints

Simply said, colour just won’t cut it this season, what you will need is all-over prints.  More is more and we LOVE more so prepare yourself for the print profusion of the months ahead and check out Conquista’s fabulous designs!

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